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HD repurposing of standard def TV content - Diligent Systems, Inc. quickly and efficiently matches aired masters back to the original film using its Digital Matchback® solution. The company’s image recognition algorithms match and locate the specific frames of original camera negative (ocn) and deliver a HD cmx3600edl. Target customers are content owners of TV Series, Movies-of-the-Week, Documentaries and Specials. The Company background is in post production and software programming. Its solution provides a complete migration from video to HD using the ocn. Digital Matchback® has successfully match 400+ episodes and delivered cmx3600edls for HD repurposing. Diligent assigns project team(s) that typically delivers two episodes per week/team.

Key Products:

Diligent Systems, Inc. image recognition-based matching solution is used to repurpose standard def TV Libraries to HD.  The Company has applied its Digital Matchback® solution to several hundred TV episodes and delivers a HD cmx3600edl file.

Formed in 1997, Diligent Systems applies technology to the Preservation and High Definition challenges of the entertainment industry. The principals of the company combine a second-generation know-how in the entertainment/media business with substantial IT/software development expertise. In particular, they enjoy considerable knowledge and experience in the post-production.


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