There is emerging demand for HD content. The Sports programming and network news dominated the initial foray into HD Broadcasting. There is currently an economic struggle between the cost of HD hardware and availability of mainstream HD content. This struggle is a classic tension in technology markets. In time, the cost of the hardware declines as consumer adoption of the specific technology increases. HDTV is the current technology that is working it was through this classic technology adoption cycle.

The comparative pictures below are reminiscent of the Television’s conversion from black and white to the ubiquitous color TV sets. Simply put, very few of us use black and white TV sets today. In time the same will be true of HD vs. Standard Definition TVs in the United States.

TThe demand for mainstream HD content is emerging. The practical reality is that the adoption rate of the hardware will dictate the conversion of mainstream programming to HD.

Similar to real estate mantra – location, location, location; the entertainment industry has its own mantra – content, content, content. There is a huge supply of TV content that was 'shot' on film and finished on video. The video format contains about 10 percent of the resolution necessary for HD. As a consequence the TV entertainment industry huge economic self interest in repurposing this TV content for HD. Fortunately the TV Executives have instituted bold storage and preservation initiatives such that there is great opportunity to bring these TV shows to HDTV. The challenges are two. The first is economic – demand for these TV shows in order to generate revenue. The second is how to repurpose these TV assets for HD. Diligent has developed a quick and economic solution to these challenges. Our Digital Matchback® solution squarely addresses the repurposing of these TV shows 'shot' on film and final edited on video (without an EDL). We work with Studio labs to provide an economical solution that employs technology that is faster and better than hand and 'eye matching' techniques. Our technology was specifically designed for creating an EDL for a season of programming or entire TV series./font>

Current televisions use a total of 525 horizontal lines with a size ratio of 4X3.
HHDTV uses interlace scanning at 1,125 lines and a size ratio of 16X9.
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